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David Rumsey 10 years (2004-2014) organist in the Herz-Jesu-Kirche, Laufen - Wochenblatt Schwarzbubenland/Laufental - report of October 1st 2014

Click here to view the report (German language)


An obituary to Norman Johnston (Noumea 1917- Sydney 2012), University of Sydney Organist, Teacher of Organ and Choral Music at the NSW State Conservatorium of Music, founder of the Oriana Singers, co-founder of the organ Institute of NSW etc., was published in the Sydney Organ Journal Volume 43, No. 3 in Winter 2012.

Click here for an on-line version. (.pdf)


Titanic's final concert Published in the Sydney Organ Journal Vol 42, No. 1. Summer 2010-2011.

A German translation of "Titanic's last Concert" was published in the Swiss Titanic Society's magazine, TITANIC POST, Nr. 76 June 2011. It has some additional information including a number of memorials that quote the tune "Horbury".

Click here for the on-line German language version of this article


Interview with David Rumsey Published in the Sydney Organ Journal Vol 42, No. 1. Summer 2010-2011 (with additional graphics, not reproduced here).


Program notes for David Rumsey's "Museumsnacht" concert, Basel Leonhardskirche, 22nd January 2010 Deutsch/English - a concert of "mechanical" organ music, including Beethoven's "Wellington's Victory" (original Panharmonikon version)


Summary lecture notes for Bern/Biel students: 8th November, 2007 (PDF)


The Three Doctrines of the 1933 Methodist Hymn Book A 1994 article by David Rumsey for a Festschrift in honour of Professor Eric J. Sharpe.

about 1974

The Organs of Goa, India (PDF)

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