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WordPerfect® Corner

Most of the documents in this site were originally generated in WordPerfect®. Conversion to PDF was also through this program. For those who wish to obtain them in their original format some of them are available here.


Details of the Rumsey Gothic organ (.wpd) An updated description (9th October 2012).


Titanic's final concert (.wpd) Published in the Sydney Organ Journal Vol 42, No. 1. Summer 2010-2011.


Interview with David Rumsey (.wpd) Published in the Sydney Organ Journal Vol 42, No. 1. Summer 2010-2011 (with additional graphics, not reproduced here).


Details of David Rumsey's "Missa con Sanctus parlato," first performed Easter Day 2010 in Laufen, Herz Jesu Kirche.

Easter Mass Setting (.WPD)

WordPerfect macro compiled by David Rumsey for easy entry of organ-related fractions. Download, unzip, then install in a macro directory and set up on menu bars as per normal WordPerfect usage. Offered as is, without guarantees.

WordPerfect macro "Fractions.wcm" (.ZIP)

QuattroPro (v8 and up) spread-sheet which converts a number of modern and historic units relating to organ culture into modern or alternative values: measurement, currency, wind-pressure, frequencies, circumference to diameter, temperings etc. Download, unzip, install in a directory, open QuattroPro then open the file. Offered as is - feedback welcomed.

QP spread-sheet file "calculations.wb3" (.ZIP)

Articles - Baroque


Bach and the Holy Trinity Dealing with the Prelude and Fugue in E-flat major (Clavierübung III). A Festschrift for Eric Sharpe on the occasion of his departure from the University of Sydney, 1st November 1996. (.WPD)


The Symbols of the Bach Passacaglia Article/monograph dealing with the hidden content of the Bach Passacaglia in c minor, essaying an explanation of it as a "Covenant"-symbolic work. (.WPD)

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